What’s Next for the UK and North Wales?

The Space Industry in the UK & North Wales

The UK hopes to build on the success of its Space Industry which has grown by over 100% in the last ten years (Source: Size and health of the UK Space Industry report 2014). The last look at the industry found it to have been worth £13.7 billion in 2014/15 from the report from Dec 2016 and the growth appears to be increasing on target (Ahead of the predicted £12.5 billion). To grow the sector the UK Space Agency has opened incubation centres across the UK including one at St Asaph in North Wales. This resource will investigate current developments across the UK.

Space Growth

Satellites and Rovers

The UK has companies developing Satellite technology, including Qioptic in North Wales and Surrey Satellites in Guildford. The UK Space Agency wants to increase Satellite technology in the UK, growth in the sector was even mentioned in the 2016 Queens Speech, with Lunar Missions being developed at Goonhilly.

The UK hopes to have a Space Port built and spaceport licensing plans were discussed in the Queens Speech in May 2016. The UK also has a ESA funded Mars Yard facility at Airbus in Stevenage and other facilities are in development, including the government funded National Space Propulsion facility in Surrey and the Blue Abyss Astronaut training facility in  Colchester.

Future Human Space Missions

Tim Peake will be returning to the ISS as a UK Space agency and European Space Agency Astronaut in a few years time and British born Hussain Manawer will be travelling as one of the very first Space Tourists with USA firm XCOR

Further Materials, Resources & Information

Below you will find more resources and external websites related to this lesson.

Full STEAM Ahead – Space Exploration Education Grant

UK Space AgencyThis lesson has been produced as part of the Full STEAM Ahead Project with the UK Space Agency. We are one of eight organisations across the UK to be awarded to deliver and produce exciting new education outreach activities and projects. The UK Space Agency are delighted to be able to support these projects, which represent a diverse selection of cross-curricular activities that meet it’s education objectives in encouraging children to take up STEAM subjects, raise awareness of careers in space-related areas, and raise awareness of the UK’s exploration programme.

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