Exploring Alien Worlds

Eplore Planetary exploration with LEGO

Planet Exploration, Our Goals

What is the most alien world you can think of? Imagine visiting that world, have you ever thought about how long it would take to get there or if you would be able to survive it’s climate.

This course aims to encourage creativity by considering the things we take for granted, such as gravity, our senses and our atmosphere.

You will design and build biomes, aliens and even molecules as you use Apace to learn more about youself and the world you live in.

Course Objectives

These Lessons will cover a range of areas and provide activities for learners, they will be specific to the Key Stage 2 and 3 Syllabus and have goals and quizzes in place to provide students with feedback and so they can measure their development. Each activity will be time bound so you know roughly how long it should take to complete as well as quizzes to reinforce what you learn.

Each Lesson will be broken down into three parts Planning and learning, Developing new ideas, Reflect and consolidating knowledge.

Key Stage Relevance

Mathematics, Science, Design and Technology, Information and Communication Technology, Geography, Art and Design. Interdependence of organisms: Look at senses organs that sense and their robotic counterparts, investigate environments and basic consumption chemistry.

Join the Space Sector

The project will create all kinds of content for use in inspiring people about the Space sector and highlight all the transferable skills that can be used.

About the All SySTEMs Go Project

The G2G Communities CICAll SySTEMs Go’ project, supported by the National Science Academy (NSA) and Welsh Government uses LEGO Education Robotics and other resources to highlight the potential of STEAM related education, training and employment with regard to the new opportunities expected as part of the Welsh Space Strategy.

About the Project – G2GCommunities.org/Space-STEM/All-SySTEMs-Go

All SySTEMs Go

Welsh Government


Dr James Davies MP Supports G2G Communities “I am very proud to support G2G Communities and would like to thank you for the dedication you have shown to the community of Rhyl, the outreach work also ensures that the benefits of this organisation are not only felt in Rhyl but throughout the Vale of Clwyd. It is encouraging to see that you are able to target the most hard to reach members of the community and offer them opportunities they may not have had access to or felt able to engage with previously.” – Read the full article >


Sandie on the New Skills, New Life Course “I have only been at G2G Communities for a short time but have gained valuable experience in computer skills. All the staff has been friendly and helpful. It has not only improved my computer skills, but has also helped me with my own self confidence. If anyone was to ask if doing this course was worth it I would certainly encourage them to do it.” – Read the full article >


Liam on the Emergency First Aid Course “The Emergency First Aid Course was a very useful option as it only lasted one day and gained me a qualification which lasts 3 years. The tutoring was very good and grabbed my attention all the way through. I would recommend this course to anyone who is given the option to do it, 10 out of 10” – Read the full article >


Charles on The New Skills, New Life Course “I have learned a lot here, all the one to one support has helped me learn quicker and better, any problems I have had they sit down with me and talk it over, which personally I find easier to handle rather than someone standing in front of a class and just dictating to me. This course has helped me to get job interviews, has given me confidence to ask questions and get answers, I am very glad to have been on this course.” – Read the full article >

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