Robots can detect sounds like a human ear does by measuring the pressure waves from sound and converting them into an electronic signal, this is how microphones and telephones work, you can see what your voice sounds like using an oscilloscope. However Robots can also detect other types of “sound”. For example by detecting echo’s, much like a bat or a dolphin, these detectors are used to detect earthquakes, search for fish as well as many other uses. These are both example of pressure waves, much like waves in water particles can be vibrated and this can be felt by small bones in the Ear, Jaw or other pressure detectors designed for sounds.

However some robots detect electromagnetic Radio waves, using it to “Hear” objects, this is known as Radar. Radar works a bit like Echo locators, where a pulse is sent out and reflects back to a detector, however unlike pressure waves electromagnetic waves use photons which can travel trhrough a vaccuum. Radio Waves can also be detected and transformed into a wave much like pressure waves so that we can listen to them. This is how a radio or walkie talkies work. This is vital for Astronauts especially during EVA (Extra Vehicular Activities or Space Walks) as regular sound waves do not travel through the vacuum of space.



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Dr James Davies MP Supports G2G Communities “I am very proud to support G2G Communities and would like to thank you for the dedication you have shown to the community of Rhyl, the outreach work also ensures that the benefits of this organisation are not only felt in Rhyl but throughout the Vale of Clwyd. It is encouraging to see that you are able to target the most hard to reach members of the community and offer them opportunities they may not have had access to or felt able to engage with previously.” – Read the full article >


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Liam on the Emergency First Aid Course “The Emergency First Aid Course was a very useful option as it only lasted one day and gained me a qualification which lasts 3 years. The tutoring was very good and grabbed my attention all the way through. I would recommend this course to anyone who is given the option to do it, 10 out of 10” – Read the full article >


Charles on The New Skills, New Life Course “I have learned a lot here, all the one to one support has helped me learn quicker and better, any problems I have had they sit down with me and talk it over, which personally I find easier to handle rather than someone standing in front of a class and just dictating to me. This course has helped me to get job interviews, has given me confidence to ask questions and get answers, I am very glad to have been on this course.” – Read the full article >

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